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Arthur Harrison and daughter Mika

Graham McGeddy with son, Taylor & daughter, Lisa

Raul Gonzalez and daughter Theda

"The Committee for Missing Children has provided extensive support to left-behind parents. Their efforts demonstrate a great commitment to helping children who have been the victims of child abduction." Ray Clore, U.S. Department of State

Tapia Salas and daughter Naomi

Larry Synclair and son Larry Jr.

"This is all thanks to you and I thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Aron back to me. This will be the best Christmas for our family ever. " Denise Fink

Ellis Boys

Dawn Willson & daughter

Jason & Gideon Hook

Rhonda & Nathen Fankhauser

"Just when I was about to lose all faith, I met people from The Committee for Missing Children and I cannot describe how much they have helped me." Michael Myers

Charles Moyer & his daughter, Nancy

José Staton & family

"I can't thank the people at The Committee For Missing Children enough for all of their help and assistance. They have made this mother and her little girl's Christmas wish come true." Dawn Willson

The Caviness Girls

Stefanie Riley & Zoey

"The assistance and peace of mind that the Committee for Missing Children gave me was invaluable. My simple letter of gratitude and testimony does not even begin to express how grateful I am to them." Janet M. Juliana

Denise Fink & children

Christiane Lops & daughters Carmen & Claire

"There are no words for what you have done for me and my family. After 15 months I finally have my baby girl back. Without your help I would have been lost." Stefanie Riley

Noel Walsh & his son, Matt

Gera Currie & her children, Nathan(back), Rachael, Aaron & Matthew

"You were a blessing to our family in a time of need. You understood and listened and cared about a young person whom you had never even met." Carolyn Grego

Sinopa, Obike & Chijoke Brewer

. Ben Denson & his son Micah

Marianne Walton &her daughters, Salena & Desiree

"The Committee for Missing Children has accomplished a great deal. Just think of all the homes that have been affected because you care so much about this issue. I sincerely thank you for helping our office. You have generously assisted with seven of my cases that resulted in bringing 16 children home." Kathie Baker, U.S. Department of State

Dusty Bridier

Maria Wrase & her daughter, Bianca

Eric Wintersgill

"You made it possible for me to see my daughter again in times of sadness and hopelessness. When there was no hope you gave hope. When there was nobody to have a solution you were there in order to feel what I felt and to give what my daughter and I needed... When people continued to talk and lose time, you were the one to act." Friedrich Siebeneicher

Eugene Krymko

Michael Myer & his son Kris

"I will not forget what you have done for my daughter and me in making our reunion a reality. I am so glad that our paths crossed. Your all are truly a 'Wonderful BLESSING!'" Michele Glinsböckel

Graham McKeddie with daughter, Lisa & son, Taylor

Michele Glinsböckel & her daughter, Morgan

Jarrod Ellis & son

Wolf Timm

Ed Troxel & his daughters

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